After completing event management courses, one can either … We do not claim any accuracy and rightness of the information which is available on the Education Iconnect. Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Rajeev Gandhi Ayurved College, Andhra Pradesh, AECS Pavan Industrial Training Institute, Kolar, Jagadguru Sri Renukacharya VidyaPeeta, Karnataka, Abdul Kalam Institute of Technological Sciences Academy for Aeronautics and Computer Science. But some may be in a dilemma about 'What career to take up next after 12th?'. Why is Engineering as a Career Option losing its Charm ? Promoting and selling company’s products and services to the right clients is the primary job of a marketing or advertisement person. Vocational Courses After 12th. But my honest suggestion would be to pursue a good event management course after completing 10+2! A student can be assigned any of the various segments of the authority such as fire management, drought management, law enforcement authorities, relief agencies or maybe even insurance companies. If there is one industry which will thrive no matter what, it is the food industry. Skilled trades such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and automobile repair are also provided by various vocational courses available. With people becoming more and more conscious of their hair and the way they look, this industry has seen a spike like never before in the recent years. These are work driven courses extraordinarily intended for the students who cannot afford further education expenses as these courses require less admission fees and achieve in less time period. One can go for a vocational course right after their 10th standard or after their 12th standard. But one should not feel pressured and burdened. However to help you out these vocational courses after 12th will guide you in understanding your true potential and interests. Vocational courses provide an insight into the subject as well as provide vocational skill set. A single animates movie, as of today requires 500 skilled animators, and with the demand growing, there is bound to be growth in the sectors too. Another worldwide famous vocational course after 12th is Catering Management. Further they also help inn repairing and upgrading electronic equipment and systems that the user might want to get upgraded and repaired. Animation is catching up in television and education, as they are not being used for various purposes. here i am the student of BTech+MBA integrated course from Quantum university which is situated in Roorkee, uttrakhand. Professional Courses Admissions . After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. Banking and finance deals with assets, liabilities and investments in the dynamic economy of the world. Students can move on further to take up Bachelor’s in education, literature, languages, mass media, communication, arts, design and more. These are also called as job-oriented courses as these make a candidate to get a particular job. These are non-academic courses that enhance your skills and develop them suitably for a particular profession or art. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Courses After 12th Courses After 12th Arts Courses After 12th Management Courses After 12th Commerce Courses After 12th Science Courses After 12th Computer Applications Courses After 12th Education Courses After 12th Engineering Courses After 12th Agriculture Optometry Courses After 12th Pharmacy Courses After 12th Forensic Science Courses After 12th Diploma Courses After 12th. Post completion of 12th class, one can do graduation in multiple disciplines based on the subject selection. But, sadly they do not know. Also see: Career options other than Engineering and Medical after Class 12. Computer Degree Courses After 12th. No one can deny the importance of vocational courses and their impact. You see as per a recent study, almost 80% or more people at work … What to do after Class 10? Even professional world is opts for elite catering services for their formal events, functions and seminars, etc. Besides, in spite of not being mainstream programs, those enrolling for vocational courses do make it big in life in today’s world. Career prospects: All the companies today not only want to hire a good hard working candidate but also someone who is good at communications. Vocational courses keep pace with the dynamic global market and prepares the student for the same. So by now, you know of four different things that you can do to decide about what to do after 12th.Actually there are many students who think that they know what to do after 12 th but sadly they are mistaken. We will go step by step and students are requested to select the courses as per their stream selected in the 12th standard. A marketer needs to make quick decisions and work in a rapidly changing environment. A plethora of opportunities awaits … There are 21 courses which belong to Paramedical and which a person is eligible to pursue after Class 12th. They can get admission in all the affiliated Universities spread across the states of Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, etc. The duration of certification courses after 12th is usually range between 6-12 months. Though several courses are available, opting a right career path after 12th standard is a challenging task. The world is becoming more and more health conscious and we are seeing a trend of people spending less on fast food chains and more on gyms. Ranging from vocation courses in healthcare sector to acquiring the skills of plumbing. To get started, simply: 1. Management 5. Also see: Different Career Options after 12th Commerce without Mathematics. This is an apt role for people who have a good sense of style and color coordination. Presently, vocational courses are much in demand as millennials are much more interested to learn new skills. Human Resources is a good career option however, there are no good courses in HR after 12th and if available they are not at all joining due to absence of employability and knowledge. How about doing acting course after 12th. After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. Catering contracts these days are highly beneficial and people are earning more money through food than any other source. Experienced professionals are in high demand in this sector but can also opt for their own business if they don’t prefer working for someone. Why do you wish to enter into a very specialised field right after 12th? Technology helps the business world in more than ways people can imagine such as in faster communication, in data exchange, in electronic data storage, and also in business secrets and records protection. Duration: B.Voc. Through this, one could gain an associate degree or certification in various fields such as hospitality and tourism, retail management, software development, electronics and hardware, leather and apparel, sales and … It is marketing that encourages people to buy a particular product available in the market. JEE Main 2020 January Result declared, Check now! One needs to undertake a lot more activities including the basic activities of assembly a device or installation of a new one, helping users in maintenance, testing and troubleshooting the gadget. Vocational Courses After 12th: With growing awareness about Health and Fitness people, these days are willing to spend money on fitness trainers and gym instructors. This is a path less treaded on, however the market for animation is catching on, is the next big thing in the market today. Thanks to reforms in India’s education system, higher study courses that prepare students directly for specific professions are available. More and more students are opting for vocational course rather than going to the streamlined course available today. Ample short duration vocational courses are available in fields of computers, hospitality management, business administration etc. Arts students have access to courses in event management that provides an edge over those who do not have such a degree and also a great career option after 12th. You just can’t afford to choose what to do after 12th standard carelessly. Courses after 10th students can join the Vocational Courses. What shall I do after completion of Diploma in Mechanical stream in Vocational? Communication can be of course, verbal, written or visual. 4) You can even do B.COM and write civil, which is one of prestigious job of India in other words group1 examinations. Especially in a country like India, which is home to innumerable festivals and ceremonies, catering is one thing that people always go for, as it takes care of a key aspect – food. Career prospects: Job positions like cosmetology, hair styling, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure and electrolysis are open in various fields of fashion, advertising, film, and television and even theatre industry in the country. which degree i have to do. The job has dual advantages, one you will learn how to cook tasty food and second you will be paid for it. You can choose two or more … Details about vocational … } Students after 10th standard can now opt for short and long term courses like diplomas and degrees. Disaster management focuses formulating plans which will help prevent vulnerable areas and people from hazardous calamities or help cope with them. or B.Tech. Related Post. The sector is directly concerned with the interest rates and monetary transactions, in cash, inline, or through cards. These courses focus on a particular area and taught you about that in deep. well I’m thinking to do it abroad but honestly I’m dreaming it. Painting, metal works, sculpturing, ceramic designing, textile designing and interior … Short term certificate courses can be pursued after 12th to make a career in a specific field. Other than the above course of Computers, there are courses available which you can pursue after 12th. Here we have some study option after 12th.Have you ever aspire to be a part of the healthcare industry? You can do anything and explore yourself through these courses after 12th and know what you really want to do in your life. Career prospects: The opportunities are endless when it comes to a vocational course in banking and finance. If, yes.The you can opt for medical side which is more reliable and will suits your subjects. One of the principal courses in demand these days is the MBA course - Master's of Business Administration. This industry has seen a boom not only in India, but all across the world. Other Courses. Life after B.Com 1) You can prepare for civil. You can further do a course and become a bank clerk. In India, people these days are more inclined towards vocational courses after 12th class as they provide you adequate and appropriate skills to do the job perfectly right after your schooling. Also see: Career Options after 12th Science PCM. 4. Business Studies. })(window, document); Top Entrance Exams after Class 12 | Career options after 12th, Different Career Options after 12th Commerce without Mathematics, Career options other than Engineering and Medical after Class 12, Engineering Entrance Exams after Class 12, List of Diploma Courses after 10th, 12th, Graduation, Top Entrance Exams after 12th | Career options after Class 12, Career Options and Entrance Exams for Class XII students, Competitive Exams after 12th for Government Jobs, Top 10 Vocational Courses after 12th Class, How to join Indian Army after 12th - Process of Joining, List of Medical Entrance Exams After Class 12, Courses after 12th Commerce - Option, Scopes. If you have just completed your 12 th standard exams, and you are confused what to do after 12th, then this post will show you several career options & courses after 12th open for you.. what courses i can do after 12th(vocational-in electronics). im just waiting for my 12th board result now... but i am so so confused about my career, i cant join regular course... i want to do my degree course, through correspondence.. i took vocational stream, but i am confused what should i do, for path a way in vocational stream. Some colleges may also set minimum percentage criteria (usually between 40% and 50% aggregate marks) for … A person who is a market enthusiast and can handle pressure while taking decisions is best suitable for the job. Everybody wants to be fit and in shape therefore one can think of joining this industry as well. The most confusing stage in one’s life is teenagers. Science Now You will get the complete list of professions and career-oriented courses of the particular stream. Students after passing their 12th grade examinations can also take up vocational courses in the field of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, computers, hotel management, hospitality management or business administration. Vocational Courses after 12th in this field will enable you to understand the market better as in this age one’s mind grasps information rapidly. There are numerous benefits of studying vocational course. One needs innovation and creativity and need to survive in a highly dynamic work environment for this job role. Vocational/Professional Courses after 12th (not stream specific) Vocational courses are not stream-specific. Completion of the 12th Grade of schooling or its equivalent (furnish proof). Whether 3 years polytechnic course a vocational course? Apart from this, students can decide on Vocational or expert courses coordinate after Class tenth. This is a question that haunts several school students after the board exams. You can go for computer science engineering after class 12th PCM. Who can do vocational courses . From 10th pass to graduation, a student can undertake vocational courses to improve their skills and increase job confidence. Profession linked course, wrongly termed ‘Professional Course’ in India, provide one distinct advantage over undergraduate courses. The range of these courses stretch vast, making the decision of taking up one particular vocational course, as little tricky. Careers in sectors like advertisements, television, gaming and even education are possible after a vocational course in the field of education. ..government jobs actually my younger Brother completed his H.S.C 12th this year and he his watching for government jobs..Can u tell me which graduation is best for my younger bro. If you are a fitness Creek then you should probably think of earning your livelihood through this passion of yours. Career options or courses after 12 in medical field is one of the most asked queries … With the food industry undergoing a huge transformation, this line of business is expanding like never before. You can opt MBA with BTech as a integrated course which is 5 years course or you can go for MBA after the completion of BTech degree but its take 6 years. Vocational Courses After 12th. Career prospects: The demand for electricians is on the rise as the use of electrical gadgets is on the rise and from time to time, all our gadgets do need repair and maintenance alike. - New degree option after 12th ... With an emphasis to focus more on practical training, vocational and skill development; UGC has introduced a new degree program called Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.). ((w.adpushup = w.adpushup || {}).control = (w.adpushup.control || [])).push(k); and from where,it will be best suited for me. You can either attempt for direct entry into a … In private sector you can start your career at various posts including as a provisional Officer or a relationship manager-communication officer in banks, as a stockbroker, an analyst, statistician, and a credit control manager or as a corporate banking executive and much more. Also explore best colleges, entrance exams and cut offs. Vocational … A certificate course in audio engineering, recording technology, sound mixing, and live production gives opportunities for a variety of positions such as studio assistant, dialogue editor, sound engineer, acoustic consultant, and game designer. Apart from this, students can decide on Vocational or expert courses coordinate after Class tenth. Vocational courses are available in almost every sector in which traditional degrees are available. Engineering 4. Industrial Training Institute. This short career aptitude test will help you find the right career and study courses for you. 3. Dear Aspirant, Why do you wish to enter into a very specialised field right after 12th? Students must be at least 10th pass for vocational courses. So you are a student of science and you have done your 10+2 with PCB (Biology). You can apply for the course of Computer Science in your Graduation once you have cleared your Class 12 Board. We do not claim any accuracy and rightness of the information which is available on the Education Iconnect. The market for 2D and 3D animators is growing in India and across the globe, thanks to animation movies like Avatar, Narnina and many more that grace the screen every year. Career prospects: Vocational course are available in different fields including software development, application management, hardware/desktop support and network architecture. The opportunities are endless from the field of Broadcast Journalism to becoming a Radio Jockey to being a Publicist with a firm, to working as a Lawyer with a firm or a role in Marketing. In India, we have National Disaster Management Authority, which is an official government body which regulates the working towards the creation of disaster prevention plans. These courses contain most of the specific subjects with practical knowledge. They offer deep insight into the requirements of a particular job. Re: What should i do after passing 12th in vocational? Not only movies, one can see a lot of cartoon channels these days making a lot of money through various characters and addictive content. Also read: Best computer courses in India Read on to know what exactly are Vocational Courses? A good career prospect is as a Public Relations manager who is the one who represents the company, delivers and carries out all the communications representing the company. Medical. Learn about eligibility requirements for Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E)—formerly called Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. Film Area feels like I born to belong there. A candidate can do any vocational course in the field as there are a lot of options available like statistician, broker, bank accountant, cashier, etc. Now you have the opportunity to choose the right career. India is a land of various types of tastes and traditions. The best decision is however takes after careful consideration and after knowing which field you want to excel in. You can also work with NGO’s, MNC’s and security administration. Selection of courses after 12 th for Commerce students, be it academic or vocational, is crucial at the time of college admissions. Sometimes, these courses may also provide on-the-job training for a specific profession or field. As many employers are looking for employees equipped for certain jobs right after study, it may be a smart choice to take training in a particular skill to pursue it as a career. Decision of UGC for Holding Final Exams in September, Is it good or bad? 2. It’s better than wasting years doing something which at the end seems useless to you. They allow students to do something different than the usual courses and will enable them to learn new skills. I’m in 12th right now doing science but no way I can imagine myself as a doctor or engineer. Plan .. in case you do not get the course/ college of your choice. Vocational Courses After 12th: Marketing and advertisements are one of the most trending and prospering industries of the world and therefore marketing courses after 12th are more preferred by youth these days. please report it at, from official mail Id or domain Id only. The vocational courses can be done after completion of class 12, graduation, or post-graduation. There are variety of courses available for students to choose from. One can go for a vocational course right after their 10th standard or after their 12th standard. It is a technical job oriented option for the students have an … Various field such as production, media, research and creative sectors call for such individuals. A student has to decide his / her career path after plus two, the final stage of their school life. The syllabus of vocational courses contains practical training sessions, laboratory sessions, and … Human Resources is a good career option however, there are no good courses in HR after 12th and if available they are not at all joining due to absence of employability and knowledge. Communication and public relation is the one of the important aspects of our lives as we stay in a society. Explore most popular/best courses after 12th in Commerce such as BCom, BBA, BCA, CA, CS and a range of other professional as well as vocational courses. BE/B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering There is no age bar to start a career in this sector, as you might not want to work directly, but you might to start your own beauty cosmetic line. Details about vocational courses. Best 14 Vocational Courses After Class 12th or Intermediate Audio technicians/Sound engineer. It is gaining worldwide popularity and demand for animators has drastically increased in the past few hear. A National Trade Certificate (NTC) in provided by NCVT (National Council for Vocational training ) in the concerned trade and to obtained this certificate one … There are numerous colleges, universities and institutes around the country that offer these vocational courses to the students who are inclined towards them. These courses produce skilled manpower for the organized sector of the country. You can choose the medical field as your area of interest. After passing the course a person may opt to undergo practical training in his trade in an industry. Latest Entrance Exams, Admission info, This article extensively covers about vocational courses after 12th. Bachelor Of Tourism And Travel Management, Lakshmibai National College Of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram, Indira Gandhi Institute Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, New Delhi, Amity School Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, Noida, International College of Financial Planning, Delhi. 4-Year Expired California Licensed Vocational Nurse. Certificate Courses after 12th. Related: Details about 12th vocational electronics course?