I can tell I read more than 100 stories on wattpad. Read hot and popular stories about femhinata on Wattpad. Zoey Grace Valderama is known to be the heiress of one of the richest magnates in the country. This book is about Arē. Here are 12 shocking real life incest stories that caused an uproar. Badass Female Leads! Werewolf Stories Scary Stories Wattpad Books Wattpad Stories Werewolf Wattpad Vampire Books King Book Strawberry Blonde Hair Dark Paradise King Vyxen Eyes as dark as the night sky without stars, will as strong as that of a thousand men, Heart as cold as ice and rage as … Meet my OC Kassidy as she goes toe to toe with the craziest serial killers imaginable, alongside everyone's favorite team. The reporter immediately released his story on a local radio station, just after the 10 o’clock news. Iyan lamang ang simpleng rule ng buhay ng 17-year-old na si Gwen Guinto. The final book of ASTIG SERIES... (GDL # 4) All her life, Mary Imogen Suarez was led to believe that she should end up with Parker Adrian Palma. Na si Imogen ay para lang kay Parker. Eren’s curiosity has lead him down a path where he far out of his depth. Best Wattpad Stories (English - Tagalog) 1.6M Reads 13.7K Votes 85 Part Story. She is your typical bad girl who breaks hearts on a regular basis. Anak ng may-ari ng malaking Azucarera, she has it all - friends, popularity, riches, boys. It is a place where you can post stories, poems, and articles. She has been boxing since she was 10. May madilim na lihim ang kanyang pamilya. A billionaire who owns the world. *** She loves to hang-out with her friends but most of the time, she's hanging out with a lot of guys. love 10K 110 22. by mychocolatemuffins. They don't have to be kick ass but they do have to have a backbone. People don't scare Dorothy like they used to anymore. Aria: This character is a young female typically in stories with Batista. Published under Summit - Pop! Her idgaf attitude makes her the girl every other woman loves to hate and every guy just wants to love her. This list is to discover books featuring strong female characters. It's a fight between Kara and Matias Del Franco, the snobbish businessman who's building a property on her family's land. Arē is a seventeen year old girl who gets forced into a traditional Wolf Run which brings her and her mate together. Rose, the most fearless and the... ❝MY NAME IS DOROTHY MERCER, AND MARK MY WORDS, THIS WHOLE FUCKING TOWN IS GOING TO KNOW IT.❞ They don't have to be kick ass but they do have to have a backbone. Her parents were both alcoholics and would beat her every day until she packed her things and l... From the author who brought you Claimed by the Sicilian Mafia, comes a dark, gripping, passionate retelling of Snow White. Find the hottest cultivation stories you'll love. The rest are readers, mostly female and between 13 and 35, who latch onto Wattpad stories with fanatical zeal. Erin Montefalco. Pero minsan, sa sobra sobrang pagmamahal sa ibang tao, naka... (GDL # 4) All her life, Mary Imogen Suarez was led to believe that she should end up with Parker Adrian Palma. I hope you enjoy it. 4.Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips (Father And Daughter) Mackenzie Philips, 57, is an American actress who is known for playing important roles in many famous 70s movies and TV shows like "American Graffiti," "One Day at … Na si Imogen ay para lang kay Parker. It was a normal day for Sonic the hedgehog, the blue male hero of Earth that had unusual feminine shaped body. A story where Eren has only known his life as a titan and saves is taken into the walls and is expected to live as a human. Na dapat, kay Parker lang siya. Yun yung good girl meets her prince charming, they both fall in love, the antagonist comes along, here comes the up rise, problem solved then insert the happy ending with matching confetti and balloons. 2019 was a year of continued genre disruption on Wattpad . By superjuno Ongoing - Updated Oct 14, 2015 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Written by: Qian Shan Cha Ke The deal Real's were always the epitome of a perfect family... Book 3 of Crisostomo Ibarra A. delos Santos' story All Votes Add Books To This List. Thesia Mauri is a a creature that lies beneath the deep blue... ( under spell check and editing ) A marketing whiz at a young age, her exceptional skills and guts lead her to a managerial job at a bar-restaurant owned by Park Sae Yori (Park Seo Joon). Na dapat, kay Parker lang siya. Its popularity is growing rapidly because new writers can also get acknowledged. 4.33 avg … When the Survey Corps comes and Levi is attacked by titans from left and right, he is saved by an aberrant titan. When their paths crossed on a midnight bus ride, he finally found the remedy in her. Tensions between the Moretti's and the growing number of powerful gangs on the street are growing. Immoral Deeds (GirlxGirl)(Lesbian Story) 1.6M 55.9K 56 Athena Merrick is a Chicagoan with seven siblings trying to survive in a dangerous neighborhood while Kai West is a drug lord at the age of 22. Until when will you let tears fall again and again? Isang transfer student lang si Christie sa Osmium International School. It's also very funny because of the characters and its lead female protagonist. This list is to discover books featuring strong female characters. ** Read hot and popular stories about badassizuku on Wattpad. I do NOT own the sonic characters. Girls disguised as boys or mistaken for boys. Here are 12 shocking real life incest stories that caused an uproar. Kung may nakaharang, aalisin niya. I felt bored at ep 4 and 5 because it was slow. She only wants to have a normal high school life just like a normal teenager. And he also never yearned for one. This time, after graduating high school and working for the RUA full time, she is assigned to a new case with Eric and tough agent Mackenzie - who isn't exactly happy with her presence. Get all of Hollywood.com's best Movies lists, news, and more. Badass Female Leads! Here is a little sonadow story I thought up. The gods did not fail her. The platform claims to have an audience of more than 90 million users, who can directly interact with the writers and share their opinions with fellow readers. Read hot and popular stories about cultivation on Wattpad. Becca is back in the sequel to "How To Become A Spy" with double the drama and double the action. Jonaxx is a popular author in wattpad so I decided to read some of her stories but this story captured me the most. First, her greedy uncle drags her half way around the world and forces her smack dab in the middle o... Liliana died by crossing the road while playing an otome game. I will once again conquer the world"❤ Each character had their own uniqueness. And when she thought she's the queen of the world who could have everything in a snap of a finger, there comes Oxygen - he who will make her realize you have to sweat for what you get. Kaumay! You can always see her making-out with some random guys at the bar. Stories: The Wish. She has now... Cliché? The news media soon caught wind of the occurrence and … In which all you can do is cry because you've been fed with too much heartache. (Tagalog-English) (PG-13) Akin Ka - The first book I had read written by Asherina.