I manage to get the plots in said configuration, but my legends don't follow, only the last assigned legend is visible. Learn more about legend, plot, incrementally, loop, iteration MATLAB MATLAB - Plotting multiple graphs. Hi, im trying to make a legend for 4 plots that are inside a for loop but then i have an additional plot outside the loop as well. Refer to the example below. However, you still need to use the plot handles to correctly pair the plot elements with the legend text. MATLAB: Adding legends to plots in a for loop. I am trying to plot legend dynamically inside for loop. The current legend i have does not update with each iteration. Learn more about for loop, plot MATLAB. I want to assign legends to every plot, three in total, within the same figure. I am trying to have a plot legend update after each iteration but I am having a hard time coming up with a solution. How to make a legend for a plot within a for loop. Here is my code: Skip to content. Hello everyone, I have a small problem here. Open another file, read three variables and repeat ploting on same page! Let us learn how to achieve that. Learn more about for loop, legend, plot, plotting Example #3 Next, what if we don’t want our labels to be on the top right but in some other place on the plot. I have a rookie problem(see code below). There are a few lines where I set up the dummy variables u and w, which are functions of x. label; legend plot. Adding legend in a plot genereted by a loop. Help with plot legend. When you create a plot, you can specify the legend labels by setting the “DisplayName” property as name-value pair. I am using MATLAB to plot a graph. How to make a legend for a plot within a for loop. You can also play around with the sprintf command to suit your needs. The 'DisplayName' is the string shown in the legend. Python: Legend has wrong colors on Pandas MultiIndex plot… You also can create a legend with multiple columns or create a legend … figure legend loop MATLAB plot. Look at my answer again and you'll see how I use the plot handles in the legend. You could call plot() 3 times with different variables and call legend and have all variable names show up in the legend. Explanation: Notice on the top right side of the plot, we have got the names of our functions. Matlab can generate multiple 2D line plots using the plot function within a loop. Using a for loop for legend plots. iterating legend numbers legend in a loop. The task is to read three variables from files in FOR loop, read variables, plot figure (1) (var1 vs var2), hold the plot, save it; plot figure (2) (var1 vs Var3) hold the plot save it. Legends are a useful way to label data series plotted on a graph. Let's say you plot 2 lines first, and then create a legend. Hi, I am having trouble using plot with legend. The lines for data Y1, Y2,…,Yn with respect to their corresponding set of data X1, X2,.., Xn. Learn more about plot, hold legend, for loop for loop legends. How do I add plots to a legend in a loop?. Browse other questions tagged matlab for-loop fft legend figure or ask your own question. Holding legend on a Matlab plot inside a loop. That's exactly right, and turning off and on is a solution I give in my answer. Add legend to multiple plots created by a for loop. ... Matlab labeling, plots, legends. MATLAB: Add legend to mutiple figures in a loop with conditional. This comes from a struct which has the conditional value, 8 x-value vectors, 8 y-value vectors and a second conditional that is important. 0. It is supposed to print 7 legend, since for loop goes from 1 to 7, but it only prints 6 legend. I have tried different techniques but nothing has worked so far. plots and legends are not rendered to the display until you have a pause() or drawnow() or figure() or uiwait() or waitfor(), or the keyboard regains control. I am currently plotting a graph (with 3 different entries) and I want to create a legend within the for loop that would show each iteration for the 3 different I/O how should I approach this? The plot either shows the legend of the 4 plots inside the loop or the one plot i have outside. 2. Im not sure how i can make a legend for all five plots. In other words, I just to add the legend with the name 'TOTAL' to the legend of the first plot! 2. matlab, symbol not updating in legend. So now I have - plot(x,y,blue,.....x,n,'color',[rand1,rand2,rand3]) This turns all the lines the same colour as [rand1,rand2,rand3] !