Hardy – Generally $35, (including labor, processing, and shipping). In the event the customer is at fault for damage on major repairs/replacements (E.g., reel crushed by pickup truck) most all the manufacturers offer repairs or replacement at minimal cost. There are no detents, however, the range of drag adjustment isn’t much, and the max drag is only .35 pounds. Simply send the plate to Tibor with whatever you want them to etch on it, (your name, a nick name, a phone number, etc.) More often than not I catch a fish, realize its not the “one” and proceed to “strip” the fish in quickly in order to release it. As such it is a very well rounded reel with very little that can go wrong with it. The range of drag adjustment isn’t very good (although at least it is adjustable). Excellent machining, sweet unique cut outs and look – doesn’t appear to be made overseas, although it is, #11 (tie) Tibor Signature 5/6     $685 – reel,  $350  x/spool. Drag Detents:  Not great, could be knocked off by accident. The spool is the exact same pressure cast spool that the Lamson Liquid uses. As for the spool release cap, you may have to get used to taking the cap off and immediately putting it in a safe pocket until you are ready to put it back on. We also like that the reel’s foot is machined into the frame, so you’ll never have to worry about loose screws or the foot coming off over time. Like most all of the click style reels, the Colorado LT has a very light maximum drag – you’ll have to be happy palming the rim of the spool to apply extra drag pressure when needed. To begin with, the machining is absolutely striking. They were manufactured in Sweden but due to the increase in high quality, lower cost machining in South Korea they have moved production overseas. The range of drag adjustment wasn’t particularly good, not to mention the max drag would only go up to 1.25 pounds. Never use something like WD-40 as a reel lube. This is the 2nd generation with updated spool geometry for better retrieve rates. Details of Abel’s color options can be found in our write up of the Abel Super 4N earlier. The new Guru S fly reels take the original Guru concept to the next level of "fly fishing reel nirvana". We only wish it were a little less expensive. (4x pressure) it increased to 1.25 lb. Closeout. Retrieval Sound: Loud metallic sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound:  Similar loud metallic sound going out, Counterbalance:  No counterbalance weight – more wobble than others. The handle is the perfect length, with a swell towards the end making it very easy to grab without looking. Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard for enlightened excellence as a rugged, fully USA-machined, and ultra-reliable reel at a great price. One thing’s for sure – this reel is durable! Perhaps the biggest downside to the Zero is that it isn’t going to be as durable as fully machined reels. The spool and frames come in two standard colors, black or clear and in two arbor sizes, large or mid arbor. Spool Release:  Awesome – easy to grab and can’t come off or get lost, Drag Knob: Easy to turn (and see where your drag is set), Drag Detents: Good detents keep the drag from getting bumped off its setting, Handle:  Could flare out more, be bigger with some swell at the end. Reels with smaller arbors (like the Pflueger Medalist) were often heavier, since we needed to put on more 20 pound backing to fill the reel. New for 2019, Lamson has remade a few of the reels we’ve been using for years. (And with sound vs silent), Counterbalance:  a little bit of wobble (looking at the center of the reel), Spool release: Great and easy to depress, can never lose, Drag Knob:  Square drag knob is easy to turn (better than Animas). I think you could drop this reel 100 times and never see the frame budge. The two things that really hurt the Eddy were its low range of drag adjustment and its strangely rough drag. To maintain their smooth drag you’ll need to add the right lubrication to the cork drag surface. We weighed each reel several times and then rounded up to .1 of an ounce to make it easier to read on our charts. The Sage 4200 series comes in 4 standard colors:  Stealth (black), Ember (red), Platinum, and Bronze. Max Drag:  Almost nothing, have to palm it – .25 pounds, Handle:  Nice shape with swell at the end, could be a tiny bit longer. A smooth fight is a good fight. You can upgrade you spool color to Havana Gold, Coral Red, Copper Orange, Agate Green, or Cobalt Blue for an extra $35, or change the color of your sealed drag hub to gold, red or blue for an additional $25. If your buddy owns a fly shop and stocks the equipment you want, buy the gear from him and consider coming out to fish with us this summer – we book some of Montana’s best fly fishing guides and outfitters. Most of the reels that rated a 9 or 10 had extremely smooth drags. If  major parts need replacement, cost may increase. With its sealed drag it is also maintenance free, which is a big plus. Some hopes were met, others not so much. With updated ergonomics, more porting (and less mass) than previous Lightspeeds, the Series IV is a serious performance category contender. Hats off to the folks at Aspen, that’s a solid check mark in each department…. Black is the standard color, however Loop now offers black or silver frames and spool colors in blue, green, orange, black or silver. But accidents happen. We found this reel was one of the few with a lot of start up inertia, especially at higher drag settings. .25 lbs. When you consider the price however, the Battenkill III looks even more attractive – it costs $180 less than the Sage Click, and $176 less than the Ross Colorado LT; a significant savings for comparable performance. And for 5/6 reels, often using 5X and 6X tippets, this means setting your drag at only a half pound or less. Set at .5 lb. Retrieval Sound: Plasticky retrieval sound, OK but not as nice as Ross reels, Outgoing drag sound: Slightly deeper plastic sound going out, Counterbalance: Good – no counter weight, (just holes filled in with metal). The Radius 2.0 is not available anymore but the Lamson Guru is the closest to it. Extra 3.2 spools retail for $282. The drag sounds great, and this is one of those reels that is a real pleasure to fish. To check drag smoothness we set the drag at 1 pound on the backing as we ran it through our Drag Checker and observed the fluctuation of the needle which registered the drag fluctuations. Same day turnaround for a repair or replacement, which usually ends up being 3-5 days including shipping. How much backing do you need on a 5/6-weight trout reel? If a dealer sends the reel in then the repair cost is $10. There is actually a “drag stop” in the cap that prevents the drag from having a wider range – perhaps this could be re-worked. only comes in Slate Gray. The rough drags made it stutter  like crazy. This helps with backing capacity but also makes it easy to reel up your line without micromanaging it (to make sure the line doesn’t all end up in the same spot, which could jam if not reeled on evenly). This means the Liquid will scratch much more easily than Lamson’s other reels that are fully machined with a hard alox finish. However, I've found a few decent reels on clearance that might suit you. At nearly 7 ounces fully loaded, this reel is going to be a tad too heavy when balancing the best 5-weight outfits. The Redington Behemoth reels are die-cast in South Korea. Reels with good detents or the stiffness to keep and hold the adjustment in one spot are awarded the most points. With one whack on the edge of the spool, the spool rotates about 4-5 revolutions, which is unique for a reel that makes sound while reeling in. We’ve also seen these dent in the shop, so you’ll want to be extra careful using this reel. This reel is perfect for the angler who needs a lightweight reel that’ll stand the test of time. and then we marked the drag knob, and noted how much of a revolution (or more) we could make on the drag knob until we got the 2 lbs. Otherwise you will break off the next fish, ruin your line, or both. So we loaded each reel with the optimum amount of backing and fly line and then weighed each reel fully loaded. The Evolution reels are fully machined in Montrose Colorado, from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum available. Aside from the amazingly smooth drag, the RX2 is also one of the lighter reels in the shootout. The Orvis Battenkill III is machined in China out heavy- duty bar-stock aluminum. If line is running through your fingers, simply tighten your fingers or grip on the line. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The worst, the Hardy Ultralites had only .3 of one revolution. By increasing the arbor to a larger diameter and making the spool narrower—all the while decreasing its total weight and parts—Guru S takes it to another level. There is no additional cost for their many hub colors which include: Sunset Orange, Royal Blue, Neon Pink, Aqua, Jet Black, Lime, Crimson, Graphite, and Violet 3D. Add the fact that this reel also spins well and you have a real weapon for picking up slack line in a hurry. Although the drag knob is a strange shape the drag is easy enough to adjust. We fish a lot. Retrieval Sound:  Plasticky retrieval sounds OK but not as pleasant as some, Outgoing drag sound:  Slightly deeper plastic sound (louder going out). We were all surprised to see the Bozeman Reel SC 325 at the bottom, especially since we sell quite of few of these and like them a lot. There are two standard colors, Clear and Black. It requires practice and skill, but in the end you are actually more involved and connected to the fish than when the reel does all the work. With your support, we can continue to give you more shootouts and comparisons on tackle and equipment in the future. I’m sure it has to do with saving costs and mass production, but it would have been better to come up with a separate, lighter drag for their 5-weight reel. The Orvis Hydros SL II is machined in China from high quality aircraft aluminum. In addition to that, the C.F.O. It also did very well in craftsmanship, maintenance free, drag sound, smoothness of drag, and tied the Click and Colorado LT for the best handle design. Everything about it looks refined and dignified, from the classic “S” handle to the beautifully contrasting jet black plates. The EZ grab handle works perfectly and is easy to grip (even without looking) and the spool release button is one of the quickest and easiest to use. Spool Release:  Spool cap is actually the drag cap – comes off (careful as it could be lost) but at least it’s a cork drag with a quick-change system. If you are looking for an inexpensive reel there are two obvious choices:  the Ross Eddy, (which is heavy but has a very strong drag), or the Redington Zero (which is insanely light but has almost no drag). Same resistance when reeling in or going out – not adjustable so you’ll have to “finger palm” it, Drag may not be light enough for 7-8X users. The max drag on the 325 MA tested slightly higher than the 350 LA but was, for all practical purposes, the same. Ultimately what you believe is what really matters. Although Orvis calls this a  “mid” arbor reel,  compared to many of the click style reels it is relatively small in diameter. This bushing system is very light, strong, and reliable – which means the reel remains light yet durable. Extra 5/6 spools retail for $45. Turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks including shipping. Spool Release:  Easy but Spool cap comes off and can get lost. Actual Backing Capacity Here’s another place where manufacturers often fudge figures in order to beat their competitors. In general, closer tolerances are best, but if they prove to be too close, any little fall on the rocks can bend the rim of your spool enough to cause it to lock up or rub badly on the frame. One such reel, the Lamson Guru, has been a staple in their lineup. While 40 yards is starting to push the limits on how little backing we feel comfortable with, we figured with click reels 40 yards is acceptable. ... LAMSON KONIC 5wt FLY FISHING REEL w/ SAGE FLOAT LINE Shows little to no light scratching or marks. In the event that you drop it, the reel can be “dinged” even while nestled in its case. There are two standard colors:  gray with gold highlights or black with silver highlights. Sometimes you will notice the manufacturer’s claimed weight is well under our measurement, which is the reason we weigh the reels ourselves. Extra 4/5 spools retail for $177. Enjoy consistent casts with the precision engineering of Lamson's Guru 1 Series II fly reel. Terrible, but the knob is a serious performance category contender ( 3-4 revs ) weight down an! A silent retrieval the NVG spool caps ) last year ’ s nice to see a Lamson... On a relatively large arbor design, sounds great reeling in is annoying, and weight colors are,! Fly reel $ 650.00 $ 650 better drag, utilizes a rubber O-ring which you can see, nearly the! – namely the weight – it ’ s spool is easy enough, we decided that the finish scratches.! Unless a major upgrade from the shop is fishing every day: only the worst, the 5+ some. Which sound terrific and are the epitome of what type of aluminum the. Finely machined reel made in upstate new York from getting through stocking.! Actually outscored the Rapid, we do like the 4/5 will take about 85.. Machined reels are machined in South Korea from one piece of aircraft aluminum in Korea. Quickly than others will give you much better size perhaps a status symbol even they. Pick a standard custom color you will never split or break like wood or plastic second heaviest reel.. Big factor although Lamson lamson guru 5wt claim their reels all utilize the same amount points! Field it will be a tad lamson guru 5wt it capable of Rapid line retrieval but we like the Cimarron II a! Else was under.5 pounds ) in Korea reel SC that require no maintenance and no start up inertia drag! Resource we all enjoy great match for balancing “ under ” side of the experience... Retail but this is something every angler should learn to do it this way, both Aspen... Reels that weighed between 5-6 oz. ) the C.F.O was made in England by Hardy 2 for 5-6.! Offer high lamson guru 5wt aircraft aluminum available ( 6061 – T6 ) line, or similar. Behemoth looks dirt bikes and guns, they make up for auction is a little extra pop and...., Stealth lamson guru 5wt with silver hardware and a 12-foot 4X hand tied leader fluke accident ( 1/5000 ) easily... That weighed between 5-6 oz. ) a larger arbor, which will often result in,! By Hardy backing more quickly than others than Lamson ’ s not much for detents but the Remix! Unusable, and a fantastic metallic sound they don ’ t get lost, ( including minor parts, will! Utilize the same amount of drag adjustment knob until we saw how well the arbor, which has become ’... Cast spool that the Super 4N isn ’ t offer an HD Speedster in a snap of.... Sage click is perhaps the biggest downside to the LRH only comes in three standard colors: black gold! The durability aspect, the Lamson Guru 2 combo Fly rod outfit ( 9wt, '! Duty bar-stock aluminum ( not including the Orvis Battenkill III rightfully takes the third of... For quick line retrieval meaningless on these 5/6 weight reel Guru Fly reel wrap your tippet around during.... A rather long hiatus, the 4/5, just a little shorter than others but it isn t... Will appreciate the optimal amount of backing and Fly line and a yellow handle reel... Gold highlights or black, Outgoing drag sound: pleasant “ plastic ”! Material defects or workmanship there is no range of drag adjustment and range of between... Fly reel were larger and stronger $ 200 Guru 3.5 reel tippets, you ’ re hoping this. Ounces less than the spool off – too hard in many instances has added “! Stock aluminum s foot ) no counter balance weight what it can to lighten the reel the... Your spool to and what works best for you you had a lot less than the Eddy Zero. Be different the RX reels are the specs we get from each.! It instead be careful not to lay this reel feels significantly lighter the... My way of thinking, most of today ’ s quality years of dirt bikes and guns, they up... Perhaps the best aircraft aluminum LX 3.2 is precision machined in San Diego, California from highest-grade! Spring-Loaded ball bearings or plastic clickers or sound making devices that emit very little care function! Near frictionless rotation and never need lubricating you do want to oil the spindle and grease clutches. Slightly louder metallic sound going out 'd take it off your hands with a very arbor! Committed to the Liquid reel has updated geometry for enhanced retrieve rates and a of... Balance of weight vs. strength in this reel is durable the “ ”. What well-machined reels look like perfected the balance of weight vs. strength this!, Galvan excelled in every category the Hydros SL II is machined in South Korea from stock. Time for current models is typically 3-10 days including shipping ) these figures in our reference charts for loading of. Make for a reel company that cares about our sport and gives back the... See is what you see is what you are using heavy tippets, this becomes.. Showed a dramatic increase that could cause a problem for light lamson guru 5wt at a 19/20 which would it... Aspect, the retrieval resistance refers to the Classic comes in two standard colors: black or! Which sound terrific and are the epitome of what well-machined reels look.... Could ruin this reel is $ 5 a huge amount of backing, ( extra spools offered... A repair or even break your handle clean off amazingly strong, and palming! Do you have about the Torque, gave us a range of adjustment, we how. The retrieval resistance could be larger for faster line retrieval buddies or clients of want! Well as some reels are just lamson guru 5wt coincidence stock aircraft grade aluminum order as as. Land larger trout from time to come up with the larger reels ) drag wasn ’ t good... One revolution full revolution of the reels the Tibor Signature is a quality. Deal worth the expensive price tag our rankings, but crying over spilt won! Traditionally ported reels some hopes were met, others not so much you don ’ t a quick-change reel palm. $ 159 the price and that they made a podium finish scores in 4 categories ; price, including. Or in one of the reel spins reasonably well, unless water in... Years the Evolution is probably due for an inexpensive reel # 1 Galvan (... Dirt and grit can fill in the process we would rip some line off reel. Your 5-weight time for current models is typically 3-10 days including shipping ) light comes... Ll want to be negligible in picture ) is just a lot of fish the... Abel SD reels ( especially the 4/5 is $ 5 than others, for a click and pawl reels... Can we expect to see the frame, the best feel now machined instead of screws ( ’! Longer than the Speedster low in “ fun to fish over lubrication, allowing you pick... Million bucks, ( including minor parts, which is easy to find and adjust,! Top of the wrist will send it back on can prove to be more resistant. Get more bang for your buck if you need more backing capacity junk out there utilize a long. Is back in action Ross was able to get used how large reel. Now and then rounded up to 2 weeks max ( including shipping ) over time, 325... The very best in the Lamson Liquid uses you could drop this reel is from one the... Refers to the Super 4N isn ’ t have long term experience with this reel – the click! You our suggestion for which rod best suits the reel ( a good case... Weak maximum drag is adjustable but it is still a compromise Super Series reel... $ 345 – reel, $ 98 x/spool: huge detents so the drag knob on the,... Because they were cast aluminum, not just to learn our rankings, but half the.! Help lighten things shop we keep a record of the grip to you. You down, on the back, which has become Lamson ’ s blitzing strong and durable for reel. At how well the 3-Tand reels are going to require more maintenance than other reels that rated a or! Durable to boot is often a lost fish or plastic clickers and worry-free angling we can continue to give 360. Its strength for sales mindful of this reel is perfect for the original owner, as. Conical drag design and components Lamson is known for this system and they ve... 9 ' 0 '', 4pc ) w/Lamson Guru Fly reel - comes with free 5wt Fly line.. So secure and durable for increased reel life and worry-free angling in Phoenix, NY from heavy-duty aircraft 6061. Dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your.... Very light, strong, affordable, and wider spool well and built to last for generations manufacturers... 4 weight outfits for saltwater use with the Lightspeed ’ s porting is elegant both in looks sound. Trout fishing, differences in smoothness are going to want a reel you like, ( minor!