My air conditioning quit working and a grinding noise under the hood so I went to the local mechanic. The AC compressor is the heart of the AC system. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. I want to be totally sure he was correct before I start driving again. I told them to hold off on fixing the compressor because money is tight and I live in a place where I don't really need AC until maybe August. Before I took it there, I had burned out the AC Compressor. Your best move is to shut the air conditioning off immediately until the compressor can be replaced, even if it is cooling. This system is responsible for converting some of the power generated by the engine. I have the truck almost back together, but I dont have a new condenser yet. This power drives the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor, among others. how do I unplug the air conditioner compressor until I can have it replaced . It's basically a bracket that bolts in place of the compressor with an idler pulley on it. A car AC compressor clutch is used to connect and disconnect drive power to the car’s AC compressor shaft. Here are a few ways to diagnose a car AC compressor failure. AC compressors endure a lot of stress. One smart solution: get your compressor or condenser from Ok, so I went to Midas to get new tires and my car has been also been making a weird noise so I asked them to check it out. I went to the shop and they told me it was a bad ac compressor and that it would cost about 1,000 bucks to fix. The pulley just popped off. How bad can it be when any of these pulleys are damaged or broken? so today there was a noise coming from the passenger side of my 2000 pontiac sunfire. If one O-ring or seal goes bad on your compressor, it’s a pricy process to figure out what’s wrong. There is a solenoid that engages / disengages the A/C compressor when the engine is running and the a/c is switched on. As long as I dont turn on the AC, shouldn't it be ok to drive the truck without the lines and everything plumbed. The drive belts pass through various engine components including the power steering pump, water pump, alternator, and AC compressor. So if compressor doesn't engage then the engine will run but you won't get any a/c cooling. I'm wondering can I replace the belt and drive like I was doing before the belt broke because I cant afford to fix the compressor. The air conditioner condenser is a critical component of this air-cooling and air-drying process. I Do not care to have ac. Agreed, but in the case of your fiancée, it was probably down to the AC Compressor wasn't engaging when the a/c was tuned on. The car is not making any noises or anything. But I just realized today that that could also mean my heater is also broken. I just had to cover the diagnostic fee; $145. A car's air conditioning compressor can fail due to a lack of lubricant or a mechanical issue, and a broken compressor usually will have to be replaced. My car needs a new AC compressor, but the repair shop says they can’t warranty the new compressor unless I buy a new AC condenser to go with it. The ac blew out of your 1992 park avenue can you bypass the ac system and still drive your car without the ac? He said I do not have to fix it, the pulley is a free spinning pulley and the serpentine belt will be safe as long as I don't engage it. Checking for a broken compressor involves using ultraviolet dye and a black light, and some simple observational skills. Is my car ok to drive until I can find a mechanic to wok with me. The reasoning behind this is that the compressor vanes are failing and sending a powdery sediment throughout the system. They said it was the ac compressor and it'll cost near 1000$ to fix! the problem i am having is that my car starts to over heat after about ten Step 1. The belt is turning but the AC doesn't, leading to a crunching sound. The ac compressor is done for. i asked if it was safe to drive on. The mechanic originally thought it was the crankshaft pulley (it was wiggling), which he replaced, but he was wrong. Here is a quick article about how to test relays and switches. Car Air Conditioning Smells Bad Question: Car Air Conditioning Smells Bad, The Ac on my 1994 Ford Escort smells bad, specifically at the commencing when turned on. Taking your car into the shop for air conditioning repairs can be expensive. There are some common symptoms of a bad AC compressor switch and some simple repairs for them. It’s probably not a trick, only it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion. Car AC stop leak good or bad? The barons inside the pulley was bad but the belt and everything else is fine. This sound often signals an issue with your drive belt or serpentine belt. I would drive for 10-12 mins when it sould come on. Then the problem started, the blower stopped working and no ac. is there any truth to that?? Thus, a slipping clutch is a problematic component. Unlike a car’s transmission clutch, an AC compressor clutch is either transmitting full drive power to the AC compressor or not—it’s not supposed to provide partial power. The ac was blowing well on all air speeds.