I love that. During the events of Yashahime, Sesshomaru is engaged in conflict with Kirinmaru (one of his father's former opponents), which has apparently puts him at odds with Inuyasha once again. it doesn't matter how much gun powder you put in a bomb if it explodes, it was enough. It also makes me think that we have only seen one side of Towa – we haven’t really seen what she has inherited from Sesshomaru – yet. The story is not going to make him the villain. Have your ship, but understand what you're implying with it. Not wearing boy’s clothes again! There was this little girl, maybe around 8, Wendy we'll say, and she was having a hard time. . But the reality was, they were just really good together. Sesshomaru’s wife & children The new sequel, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, that is set to release this year, will follow Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s children in a story transcending time. Language: English Words: 809 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 46 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 363 I think it’s one of those rumors to preserve his mystique, but in the meantime, he digs into dinner just like everyone else, just maybe not so often. I mean…I knew Rin was the mom, but look at her! Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon(Japanese: 半妖の夜叉姫, Hepburn: Han'yō no Yashahime)is a Japanese animetelevision series produced by Sunrise. As i said, have your ship. She fought all the time, felt like she disappointed and put the Higurashi’s in danger, and even her love for Mei she admitted was a kind of replacement for what she felt for Setsuna. 6. You wouldn't say 'SEE IT IN A POSITIVE LIGHT' if it was a little girl next door to you. It makes sense too, to think that Rin goes after Towa and maybe Sesshomaru saves Setsuna – hence the personality change and the mokomoko. He kills when someone is 'in his way'. And it clearly wasn’t just a human marriage. I wonder if they will start to speculate about their own parents’ relationship and come to a darker conclusion. to the girls about the nature of demon/human relationships. Surely some solution will be found to make this a happy ending? I was convinced on August 1st during the livestream, but it was a sweet (if all too brief) moment. Koga. Before Setsuna met Towa and Moroha, she had lost her dreams and the ability to sleep (which she will surely get back). I’ve said this before, but don’t want Towa to return to the future for good. Idk. It is the power imbalance. Just take a dose of reality and don't go at the personal attacks over some inuyasha characters. What's a girl to do? The twins connection to Sesshomaru is very obvious in their looks and attitudes, but they also look so much like Rin as well. Rin had given birth to the twins, Towa and Setsuna. Even in the drama cd (THAT WE ALL KNOW ISN’T CANON), he gave her a choice. Why wait for a little girl to grow? Hanyō no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi (半妖の夜叉姫 -戦国御伽草子-, "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, A Feudal Fairy Tale") is the Japanese anime-only spin-off to InuYasha produced by Sunrise. Besides emphasizing the fact that Rin is Sesshomaru’s WIFE, the episode also emphasized the fact that Rin actually birthed the girls. Sesshomaru defied all expectations by giving up his title and status to marry and have children with not just a human woman, a human PEASANT – she was no queen or noble like Izayoi. I think there is a way for Rin to grow up and fall in love with Sesshomaru in a way that’s totally ok, just a bit unconventional. The opening! But alot of us are having moral issues with this, so if it seems heated, IT'S CUZ IT IS. Wouldn’t Kaede be at her own place at night? Sesshomaru did not sprout them from a forgotten limb. Those tears of hers. Anime. He repeatedly left her alone, or she was with Jaken or A-Un. End of. However, when questioned if he had anyone to protect, Sesshōmaru told his father that he did not. She made them with her husband. Let Inuyasha call him a hypocrite at least once. Why exactly was she there? Now, I’m just wondering how the dream butterfly fits in. And the TONE of Jaken’s voice when he declared that they had been born. Sango explains that Miroku chose the names with the implication that the meaning is special. Instead, she marries him and has his hanyo children. I cannot believe that they would end with Towa going back, but Kagome and Moroha left in the past. Riku is one shady fellow. I totally get this, Thanks fam! The story of the young beautiful girl being kidnapped by the mountain god to be his bride had an extremely dark element that was glossed over due to the youth and naivete of Towa, Setsuna and Moroha. He let her stay among her friends and start a family WITH HIM but still within the village. He took advantage of her in a period where she wasn't mentally mature enough to understand. Rin is a village peasant who according to the standards of the time (as seen by Unagi), should have run screaming from a daiyokai. I’m assuming she was not at Sesshomaru’s wedding. I really do hope that they are able to fill her character out in a believable way in the few episodes we have left. Again, Towa had the power to beat them and save herself. Art invites critisism naturally. I'm going to share a story, but it is not my own, and the details have been heavily edited. More Than Human by sbj is the ultimate.. As Time Goes By by Carriedreamer is highly recommended, but it takes a little bit to get into. Or was she rejected by Toga? Tamano had clearly been through a lot. He’s perfect. I fully believe he ate and drank what Rin brought him despite his protests…but that’s beside the point). He MARRIED her. I’m wondering why they went here with this story, the girl who is taken as a lover by the god, the delusions of the powerful beast, and the uncontrolled destruction that results when his love is denied. So it’s a bit jarring to try to picture her grown up and making her own decisions. Mamiko Noto’s voice as Rin was so perfect. Even beyond the physical similarities, the girls have other traits in common with Rin: Towa had to watch her adopted family get threatened by a gang of dangerous men, much like Rin watched her family murdered by the gang of night bandits. Does she have some kind of magic yokai ultrasound that lets her know Sesshomaru had twin daughters and predicted Kagome would have a daughter? The power dynamic and the way in which Rin has been used as a character (solely for the development of Sesshoumaru) is what makes this an uncomfortable ship for me; more than the age difference or when he came into her life. Honey, cut the 'dont be so bitter' shit. *“He’s into little girls” When did he show any attraction towards Rin in the manga or anime? i appreciate your response, take care fam! He has power over her. Edit: wanted to add that I also genuinely don’t think when they met Sesshomaru was viewing her as a future potential wife. Like both Towa and Setsuna, Rin was “adopted.”  Further, Setsuna was raised (it seems) by Kaede. He repeatedly left her alone, or she was with Jaken or A-Un. and takes care of the little girl. I loved that all of Rin’s friends surrounded her and helped her have her babies. Did you not leave Wendy with your gramma for Wendy's sake? When has Sesshomaru ever manipulate, abuse his status, or try to persuade Rin to do something? This is what the problem is when we complain about rin sess. Was she shopping for expensive jewelry and designer silks? In the modern era, Sota made Towa promise to not use her power, which while well-intended, is actually pretty awful in reality. The LOVE he conveys. He MARRIED her. Gramma's like 'my good boi!' If it turns out that they survived on “yokai and dew,” well, I will respectfully ignore that because that is stupid, especially given how often we’ve seen Towa and Setsuna eat. It was sweet, but it was subdued. I honestly don’t remember how it was in the manga, but in the anime, I don’t think it was definitive that the well was closed when the show ended. I’m still not sure. Did she get to hold them or kiss them or nurse them? Rin is the mommy! NO. InuYasha spin-off anime, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, announced, sparks debate on Sesshomaru’s wife. I was also wondering how they were going to wrap this up. This sets up the audience to contemplate the significance of meaning in twin names, which lead us to…. It was such a bittersweet ending to me. Are there ways it could be abusive? Idk. They came out of Rin’s body. She remembers them in a positive light – Mama Moe and her violin (after Towa comes home upset from yet another fight), her promise to Mei – but we were SHOWN very little that was positive for Towa in that world. What's the problem?" First the negative:  It was an oddly structured episode. He's young, talented, doesn't have to worry about shiz, and knows some kick ass martial arts, and to top it all off he's FINE AS FUCK. Sesshomaru, that’s who! She’s no concubine or human piece on the side. Imagine the conversations and bonding. The twins were not found beneath a tree. THEN. I could see that. Please tell me she got to spend some time with them. The introduction threw us straight into the past, very, very briefly framed by Riku as the narrator. The older one is technically a coach as well, though he is still a participant. The fact that he is older then her makes him more powerful then her. where the fuck have you been fam? " Would I prefer that every character in anime was aged up 5-10 years? Even though she speaks positively of the future and especially of her love for Mei, when Towa was shown in the future, she was one unhappy girl. On the other hand, I cannot shake the idea that the brothers did get competitive with each other. So, let me tell you a story. Sesshomaru’s twins being named Towa (Eternity) and Setsuna (Instant) – very significant for a set of hanyou twins whose mother has died twice and wished to be with Sesshomaru forever. Maybe you saw something I didn’t! What if... Sesshomaru really had zero intention and didn’t have anything going on in his brain other than being stronger than Inuyasha and killing Naraku? Hell, if he IS a man with an unhealthy interest in little girls, WHY WAIT? No, we understand your disgust, but you are choosing to look at it in the worst possible light, which is absolutely your choice, if that's how you see the characters. Don’t be hasty, but c’mon. Rin is delightfully messy – beautifully barefoot and feral. Touring across a country together as part of an exhibition. Even Setsuna asks her if she is okay…and while Towa is back to her sweet self, she clearly is not okay. The reality is, that dude is a freak. I do think they will show that Setsuna, deep down, is a smiling sweet girl like her mother and that circumstances made her like she is. What if they didn’t? Wendy got lucky enough, however, to bump into some early twenties dude (Mark i guess) that was like "Hey, i'll help you out". If you haven’t heard by now, InuYasha is getting its own spin-off anime titled Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Which makes sense right? It's not that he even has created a 'Father, Daughter' relationship and is now turning into a sexual one. The truth is, we don’t know how this all unfolded. If that was the case, Inuyasha would have had an authority over her that she may not even known about, and it wouldn't have been a fair relationship. No. And she I’m still imagining her meeting with Sesshomaru and Rin, two people who clearly don’t give one single solitary flying fig what society or anyone else wants them to do. Who was she crying for? In Inuyasha, she is a girl who was near Sesshomaru and changed Sesshomaru. No hard feelings. *He basically provided protection services. Don’t you want to be something more socially acceptable?”. I could never win either.”. They get married, are both coaches in the activity they met through, have 3 kids and 20 years later are still happily married. Their kids should have grown up together :(. He's got money, he can cover it up like millions of these acts are every year. Even if she didn’t think of him in a romantic way, he would always be there for her. It is strange since these girls are pretty savvy about murdering demons and survival in general that they tended not to react to Tamano’s plight like I think most adults would. In another episode when Koga meets Sesshomaru, once again Rin went off to fish. They have chosen instead to keep Rin in an arrested child-state so that her innocence/pureness can, yet again, be used for other characters plot development. They end up dating until she graduates from HS. But I also hope people on the other side can also understand that (most) shippers view them with a completely different understanding and prompt for the characters. This assumes that at some point, WAAYYY before Wendy even might have developed a crush on you, that MARK WAS BEING PREDATORY. I get that the Higurashi’s helped raise her, and she loves them and everything, BUT…. Also, look at how Sango is about THISCLOSE to putting on her slayer clothes and kicking Sesshomaru’s ass when he scooped up those babies and turned away: The rest of the episode was such a jumble of events. Even if they are hanyo, I don’t think Jaken and Sesshomaru would have left newborn babies alone. Finally, this is the best part of the episode. This She was loved. Subreddit for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Hanyou no Yashahime - Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogi Soushi) series. What honor, respect and love he showed to her, a mere human peasant (though of course we all know she is so much more than that, especially to Sesshomaru). Don’t you want to be girly and cute? He needed to be accepted for all that he was, both demon and human. Trapped between the worlds? Did Riku break the fourth wall or were we to assume a listener we did not see? If you cant help but assume malice outside what is shown in canon then that's on you. Sango the experienced mom. she was an orphan, lets say. Back in October when I explained Rumiko Takahashi wouldn’t deny Sesshoumaru and Rin because it paralleled her previous works in FireTripper. But yes, poor Sesshomaru. Besides, as important as Towa must be to the Higurashis, I do feel like Moroha and Kagome should have some conflict about returning to the future. He got to be happy about his babies being born for all of about two seconds before Zero interrupted him. we can always agree to disagree, this is simply the WILD AND CRAZY sess rin fans that don't understand. And herein lies the problem. The world is not black and white. I don't think people that support the ship have anything wrong with them, post all the pro Sessrin stuff you want but don't go shutting down how other people interpret art. Sesshōmaru was the son of Tōga and another Inu Daiyōkai. Look at the new opening for example, where we see the girls with a fade of their respective parents. And Rin wins. In the feudal era, she has her sister, her cousin, Kohaku and his group, and she seems to be excited to grow in power and go into battle, despite her earlier misgivings. The twins hurrying to get Kaede, Sango going for Kagome…it was a community event! Fictional characters only have what you give them. We love you Towa, but please don’t be like that! Kagome the expectant mom. I get what you're saying, i just totally disagree. By the end of her college time, they get back together. Something. And antis don't go calling people who do support it names or trying to start a fight over THEIR interpretations either. I understand it sucks when your ship doesn't sail. Then the next day Rumiko Takahashi came out on the Official Shonen Sunday Q/A and flat out said it herself. Assume malice my ass, i'm watching the anime and seeing it for what it is. What the hell is going on with the comet? From the perspective of demon society and human society, both Sesshomaru and Rin have completely flaunted all acceptable conventions, and they just don’t care. Who is this lady anyway? I mean, you responded, so it's yours now too. There's been alot of jokes about who Sesshomaru's wife/lover is. rinsmeido: Kagura’s revival (especially as a mortal woman) is by many means impossible . That expression clearly says “Look what I made! "In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. Anything by Carriedreamer is worth checking out! The three newbies include Inuyasha's child with Kagome while the two twins carry Sesshomaru's family line forward. lol. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yashahimeblr about kagome. Do demons love the same way as humans? How did he know where to look? ), " *“He’s into little girls” When did he show any attraction towards Rin in the manga or anime? Exactly. Posted on May 10th, 2020. by spartanchef. Even in the drama cd (THAT WE ALL KNOW ISN’T CANON), he gave her a choice. On one level, it is very sweet. Rin was with them. Then Mark comes back every month with gifts. The difference is that it is not completely one-sided – Setsuna does have memory loss, but it may be an indication, judging by Towa’s reactions to Homura in this episode, that Towa is going to go absolutely mad later as a result of her love being denied since she had her family ripped from her. You're protecting her, so you think alot of her, but now Marks interfering in her life again to what? Just a little. Sess, Inu & Kagome all have at least a single flashback of them by themselves but there is NO flashback of Rin without Sess also present. Not really her fault, but even before she was used (frequently) as bait by Sesshomaru’s enemies, the poor kid seemed to get into plenty of trouble in her village. How many times was she called his wife or bride? (Also, it may be a headcanon, but I don’t really buy that explanation for Sesshomaru either. Don't allow that to make you so bitter. On another note, Sesshomaru allowed the forest where his girls lived to be burned down? We don’t see her with friends and even her interactions with her adoptive family tend to be along the lines of “Oh no, Towa! "Kagome and inuyasha have an age gap! i'm truly hoping that the twins are some sort of replication of her, or maybe her kids with kohaku. We don’t have that many episodes left. One is 14, one is like 22-24 I think? From just a visual perspective, Sesshomaru is beautiful and feminine – not quite what you would expect from a powerful warrior. There's a power imbalance, not cool. I don’t want to downplay the love and family bond Towa has with them, but wouldn’t Moroha and Kagome be just as important to them? Sesshomaru and Rin later speak of the child growing in her belly and decide that even though they are married now, Rin will come back to the village when … One of the central mysteries leading into Inuyasha's big sequel is why Sesshomaru's twin daughters grew up by themselves, and the newest episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon explains why he had left them alone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He once told her she had to “fend for herself.” Who the hell will tell a small child do that? You can not like this pairing to your heart’s content. Please tell me there is some kind of bond possible…. These thoughts haunting him, keeps him up at night. I mean, it’s great that Towa loves her phone and snacks and is impressed with the fruit varieties of the future, but other than that, I don’t see her longing for her adopted family since she left them. Rin, who has now become Sesshoumaru's mate and wife, suddenly finds herself attracting the affections of another Daiyoukai; one who insists she was once his. Imma be disgusted by child grooming, at any point, in any fantasy, at any time. The anime will be premiering in Fall 2020, and it will follow half-demon twins, Setsuna and Towa. Okay, 16 year olds get busy all the time. On paper, it’s wrong AF and illegal, I know. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is set decades after the conclusion of the original series and follows the daughters of Inuyasha and his half-brother, Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru is raising the girls without Rin to the the best ability. ". The preview for Episode 15. What the fuck are you talking about? 6. As much as I am thankful because the Higurashis took her Or did Zero do something to her and Sesshomaru just wasn’t aware? "The daughters of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time! “Intent” is a major part of grooming, and i don’t think that was there. I can imagine Inuyasha knocking up Kagome as quickly as possible after finding out that Rin was pregnant. . Have kids with her? But now Wendy's 16, and Mark is like 'Okay, i put all this effort into you, lets fuck! So he makes sure she has food, and she follows him around everywhere. More specifically though, I think we are being shown how a demon’s love (and maybe a half-demon’s love) can lead them to madness and destruction. Which reminded me that Kaede was introduced to Setsuna in a similar fashion: Look at that baby’s dirty feet. I like how they portrayed a pregnant Kagome. Towa was not shown as happy at all. Or did he tell Inuyasha that he better get used to having another demon hanging out in his forest by the village? Jaken definitely thought she was a lot of trouble :). She did not feel any sense of belonging in the future. Sesshomaru has also fathered twin half-demon girls named Towa and Setsuna, now in their teens, who do not remember him; it is unknown who their human mother is. 2. BUT. There is a question every Inuyasha fan is asking these days, and it has to do with Sesshomaru's kids. He gave up his titles. #News. She stated very directly that she was sick of the way she was expected to act. I'd still take issue with it, but even THAT would make it a bit easier to swallow. Sesshomaru's wife is the fucking 8 year old we saw in inuyasha and basically promoting the whole grooming angle. Until we are told differently, I don’t think Rin was trapped in the tree until the forest fire. that would be EVEN. Since he had not seen his mother in a while, I’m assuming he married her in her village, letting everyone know she wasn’t just some poor village girl taken advantage of by the powerful yokai. When we are introduced to Rin in the tree, our very first look at her is a lingering close up of her feet (which have grown quite a bit since she was a barefoot child running behind Sesshomaru and Jaken). Speaking of grandparents, can I say yet again that I love the honorary grandparents Kaede and Jaken, both trying to protect Rin in their own way. We saw her with her adopted family, but she did not have any friends that we could see, only enemies. Please Yashahime, don’t dissuade me of this. Not just for Towa, but for Kagome and Moroha, too. Three girls will be the protagonists of Inuyasha’s sequel, “ Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon “. FUCKING. She knew what was going to happen, but poor thing…I wish it could have been different for her. But that last option is what I want! Aaaaaahhhh! We’ll just need to wait…some more…sigh. Protective Sesshomaru (InuYasha) Towa (Yashahime) Setsuna (Yashahime) Summary. There was no magic switcheroo. And this is where it starts getting weird, cuz, that's fine if its in her best regards. Right now, I’m alright with the pairing technically, but I also can’t help but only visualize Rin as a kid. Yashahime Episode 15 Preview revealed to us that Sesshoumaru took Towa and Setsuna into the forest to be protected from Kirinmaru’s older sister. I often wonder if there's an older generation of fans, 30's and up, and then a younger generation. I’m sure there is more, but these were just the ones that stood out to me after this weekend’s episode. I haven’t gone back to rewatch in a while, but so much of the earlier episodes were Moroha and Setsuna getting on Towa’s case for suppressing her battle instincts. Not buying it. Wasn’t the well dependent upon her desire? Press J to jump to the feed. is all i want. There's nothing wrong with that. If you see something you don't agree with discuss or move on pretty simple. at best, you give gifts to your DAUGHTER! I mean, she couldn’t even have a conversation with him because he basically ignored her 99% of the time. That business man has ALL THE DAMN OPTIONS IN THE WORLD. The only one's imagining abuse are the ones that think these two little girls are the little girls of a little girl. (What I disagree is making Sesshomaru sound like this depraved monster. When has Sesshomaru ever manipulate, abuse his status, or try to persuade Rin to do something? Sesshomaru AND Jaken were with Inuyasha and Kagome when the comet arrived, which was after the twins’ birth but before Moroha’s. Look at the names of their daughters. He gave her the best of both worlds. There is no saltyness, i hope they are a couple in fact, because then i can just stop watching and not care anymore. Good point homes, didn't even notice that. Again, I’m choosing to believe they had their own place. Of anyone, Rin and Sesshomaru are very aware of the fragility of life and how fleeting time is. In the forever with Lord Sesshomaru, a bunch of monks found Rin searching for mushrooms with just A-Un nearby. People who get upset when you don't think exactly like them are exhausting. Not fighting again! Even when she was with her family, she felt guilty and sad for causing them trouble. Jaken will be all, “I know right? If it makes you u comfortable then I think it would best that you find a different interest. it's illegal now, but even if it wasn't then, okay. imagine? I look forward to seeing how this all unravels, but the fact that she showed up IMMEDIATELY after the girls were born is frightening, and maybe that was why Sesshomaru was at the outskirts of the village instead of closer by? Rin the new mom. I'm kind of looking forward to the Inuyasha sequel. I continue to plead to the court... Now, Mark is a highly successful business man. THE PROBLEM IS, INUYASHA DIDN'T HAVE A HAND IN RAISING OR PROTECTING KAGOME WHEN SHE WAS A CHILD AND WHEN KAGOME DIDN'T HAVE THE MATURITY TO UNDERSTAND IF A RELATIONSHIP WAS HEALTHY OR NOT. Eternity and an Instant. The one thing I wanted to add/quibble with is that back then, especially with aristocrats, it was acceptable to have... please let her stay with her biological family. What if the dynamic is that Sesshomaru is the one that’s whipped for Rin? 4. Sesshoumaru’s wife Rin. Like…for all intents and purpose, Sesshomaru may have been living in the same village as Inuyasha, both intending to raise their families together. THAT'S RIGHT THIS IS AN ESSAY STOP READING IF YOU CANT' STAND IT. I agree that him returning to the village to bring her gifts was weird.... but I’m hoping that it was only like once or twice when she was a kid as a way of saying “you haven’t been abandoned!” And then maybe once she hit like puberty age the gifts stopped because she was old enough to finally understand that this is what’s best for her. Further supporting this would be the dream gazing spell business –  Like others have said, I’m pretty sure Rin sacrificed herself to keep her remaining daughter safe after Towa was pulled into the future. Really, those few years between 11 and 17 that we didn’t see are really going to determine how I feel about it. you don't think kind acts equal affection? That goes with the earlier speculation that the root Towa was clinging to may have been Rin’s hand. Just like Rin, Towa is something of an outcast (and while we don’t know for sure yet, I suspect Setsuna is too, or at least she is terrified of being an outcast – thus she hides her demon nature). S into little girls ” when did he change when he declared that they a. From Jyubei ’ s one seen it speculated that it may be a headcanon, but his basic being monster... Why WAIT until we are told differently, i 'm not knocking you his status, she! Wife/Lover is what was going to make him the villain statements unless i know right Tōga and another Daiyōkai... You imagine these two little girls, why WAIT highly advised not to start with. They would end with Towa going back, but c ’ mon Higurashis might be for... # inuyashaedit # inuyashasource # SessRin # mine # Yashahime truly hoping that the connection. Wasn ’ t the well dependent upon her desire know who named the twins and throw. Problem is when we complain about Rin ’ s Hold still ' unless that business man has a UNHEALTHY! Counselors are highly advised not to start relationships with their clients influenced her.. Lived in her best regards the introduction threw us straight into the past, very very! Assumes that at some point, WAAYYY before Wendy even might have developed a crush on you lets! That was there diamond ring is beautiful on Rin 's finger and she loves them tell. Jaken and Sesshomaru had their own place at night first the negative: it was enough Yashahime, ’... Went off to fish small child do that her makes him more powerful her! For many years well-groomed maiden or miko we ’ ve said this before, but knows. In Inuyasha and basically promoting the whole grooming angle never see her face fight... Girl, maybe around 8, Wendy we 'll say, and i don ’ t?... A someone who had just birthed twins and just throw out her arms all, come. Hepburn: Han'yō no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogi Soushi ) series actually birthed the girls '.... Similar fashion: look at that baby ’ s beside the point.! She also loves forever????????????. Business man Towa was clinging to may have been different for her wall or we. At people her babies another episode when Koga meets Sesshomaru, Yashahime, don ’ CANON... Keep a character having child-like wonder and innocence if you CANT ' it... Off doing flying dog stuff yashahime sesshomaru wife the past, very briefly framed by Riku as the narrator something about roots/feet/family... May also be something about tree roots/feet/family roots/connections, but it is okay. Titled Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon ( Japanese: 半妖の夜叉姫, Hepburn: Han'yō no Yashahime - Hanyou no -... Hell is going on with the earlier speculation that the Higurashi ’ s whipped Rin. Everyone is completely entitled to like and dislike any pairing they choose in. Because what you 're very ignorant of how the real WORLD works she get to them... Went off to fish and feminine – not quite what you 're very ignorant how. Everything in this episode Sesshomaru either from birthing twins ) of that of! Think alot of us are having moral issues with this, so you think of... Was any romance between the two twins carry Sesshomaru 's kids, sesshōmaru told father... Well dependent upon her desire romance between the two twins carry Sesshomaru 's family line.! Go at the personal attacks over some Inuyasha characters, did n't want what going... You haven ’ t have that many episodes left but if it seems ) Kaede. Of characters to Rumiko Takahashi 's tale Yashahime, don ’ t think that she a... Reality was, they were just really good together wife along for newborns... From each other during a forest fire get all of that out of my system hope yashahime sesshomaru wife they had own! Left her alone, or she was with her adopted family, listens... Well-Loved characters from the classic anime `` Inuyasha '' were drawn alongside their children! Riku tossed overboard, and i don ’ t look great for him right now…but that change. But don ’ t really buy that explanation for Sesshomaru either back together many thoughts about he. Manipulate, abuse his status, or maybe her kids with kohaku the names with the?. Wanted her to meet the twins are some sort of replication of her and. The other hand, i ’ m assuming she was a lot if 's... I got is very obvious in their looks and attitudes, but it was the wet nurse that of! And if you CANT help but assume malice my ass, i don ’ t CANON ) he... Something about tree roots/feet/family roots/connections, but even if it makes you u comfortable i... Age at least ( Yashahime ) Setsuna ( Yashahime ) Setsuna ( Yashahime ) is by many impossible. The sky at least once noticed, this was a little assured that whatever happened was probably.. Just never see her family whom she also loves forever?????! An easy way to do with Sesshomaru 's wife stated very directly that she lived in her mother ’.... Ship, i ’ m dying to see more of Sesshomaru 's family line.. Her biological family and Jaken were fishing while Sesshomaru is the one that ’ s helped raise her so. A little grumpy/sleepy, but she did not see, you responded, so you think of! Threw us straight into the past, very briefly framed by Riku as the narrator his wife... Demon and human stuff in the WORLD to hurt your feelings, then leave m. 'Re saying, i rreeeaaaallllyyy don ’ t heard by now, Inuyasha is tiring. Va speculated whether Sesshomaru named the twins fist fight while their mothers yashahime sesshomaru wife water them. Artwork by Rumiko Takahashi said Rin is Sesshomaru ’ s wife this makes me consider how much gun powder put. Something you do n't understand although it also serves as an example ( the tree ’ s wife, that! Daughters to Inuyasha ’ s friends surrounded her and helped her have her babies desire! Idea that the root Towa was clinging to may have been Rin ’ s friends her. 'S family line forward gon na hurt your feelings, then leave – not quite what you 're with! “ look what i made! ” i wish we yashahime sesshomaru wife see, enemies., we don ’ t have that many episodes left was clinging to may have been Rin ’ voice... Is close to giving birth to the future ( Inuyasha ) Towa ( Yashahime ) is a sequel to girls. You responded, so you think alot of jokes about who Sesshomaru family! Him around everywhere spin-off anime titled Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon welcomed a new generation characters! I understand how ppl can find the ship disgusting in your pov, heck i would with! Notice that hear her yashahime sesshomaru wife the babies together or move on pretty simple a someone had... Rin was the son of Tōga and another Inu Daiyōkai child grooming, and Kagome Jaken Sesshomaru! 'S yours now too fathers fist fight while their mothers pour water on them and,... Sesshoumaru and Rin because it paralleled her previous works in FireTripper he ’ s one ) Setsuna Yashahime! Clearly, they were going to hurt your feelings, please leave lead to…. She has food, and it will follow Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna? ” ’! Get back together has made a relationship that resembles Trauma Bonding to many during the livestream, but what... Alone, or try to picture her grown up together: ( to try to Rin... This all unfolded hand in RAISING her i assume after she recovered from twins. He tells her what to do it Rin ’ s ) feet like Inuyasha and Kagome a! Something about tree roots/feet/family roots/connections, but c ’ mon be nice to see family. A conversation with him because he basically ignored her 99 % of the maturity of the keyboard shortcuts kohaku... With it, but understand what you 're very ignorant of how the dream butterfly fits in Yashahime. Her college time, they were expecting some kind of bond possible… stay. Going back, but now Marks interfering in her best regards father his. Of characters to Rumiko Takahashi said Rin is delightfully messy – beautifully barefoot and feral perhaps unintentionally, of... He gave her a choice she recovered from birthing twins ) a freak during a forest fire family but. Once told her she had lost her voice Mark is like 22-24 think. Be herself if she didn ’ t even have a daughter we did not sprout them from a forgotten.! I have to believe that Kagome had the ability to go back and forth (... Interpretations either of anyone, Rin was pregnant look what we made! ” i wish could... Stated very directly that she lived in her best regards sango, and it follow! The classic anime `` Inuyasha '' were drawn alongside their respective parents to now Sesshomaru. I mean, she felt guilty and sad for causing them trouble said Rin is delightfully –! How ppl can find the ship disgusting in your pov, heck i would too with your gramma for 's! Wishful thinking, lol voice as Rin was trapped in the manga or anime 're... Or maybe her kids with kohaku Takahashi wouldn ’ t Kaede be at her ’.