Most visitors to Calabria will make a beeline for the picturesque, umbrella-studded shores of Praia a Mare, on its north-west coast. 20. Besides, nudist beaches offer on opportunity to shed all your inhibitions and go naked in the water to enjoy your favorite activities. 525 reviews. View 38 Photos . The Beach of Durres is the largest beach in Albania, which is right beside Italy and Greece in Europe. From here, you can enjoy a great excursion round the Lido Island and discover the 18 kms stretch. Fornillo. Besides, it is also one of the nudist beaches found in Venice and many people who are interesting in bathing naked frequent this beach. There are many people who love going to nudist beaches on a vacation and Italy offers some great opportunities to enjoy such beach activities. Add to Likebox #78120031 - Aquarium in Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, UAE. This beach is located amidst Corniglia and Vernazza and can be reached through a trekking path from the Sentiero Azzurro, which can take around an hour and fifteen minutes. It has two beautiful sand beaches, very nice food, ... 80 percent of Italy is really not crowded at all, but almost every inch of it is beautiful. Each beach is unique in their own way. This beach is well connected through some good transport facilities and car hire services are available to reach this destination. Similar Images . Moreover, this beach is also a vital part of the natural reserve of Castel Porziano spread over a coastline of around 3 kms. 3. Don't forget to look behind you; you won't get a better view of southern Sicily's strange, spectacular landscape anywhere else. The largest of the five coastal towns that make up the famous Cinque Terre region, Monterosso’s beach has beautiful reefs and crystal clear waters. Editorial. Similar Images . The long stretch of around 250 kms of this beach was known by the name of Oasi Naturista di Capocotta. The city of Tropea is a nice old town full of picturesque buildings and excellent restaurants. But upon arrival, you'll be rewarded by the same silky sand and balmy, Caribbean-blue waters shared by the more famous Capriccioli and del Principe beaches nearby - minus the crowds. Moreover, for those who want to enjoy a unique experience of bathing without any clothes can explore some of the best nudist beaches found in Italy. Macarro is favoured by locals for its inky, jet-black sand - similar to the volcanic black sand beaches of Kauai - and intensely turquoise waters, which are rich with fish and perfect for snorkelling. There are plenty of private baths found on the Lido beach and the beach hut is one of the common sights seen here. Visitors get a chance to admire the natural beauty and bare themselves to enjoy a nice dip in the water and also have some moments of privacy in such secluded spots. According to USA Today, the best-known beaches in Argentina primarily are clustered around one area, known as Mar Del Plata, which generally becomes very crowded during the summer months. Besides, this beach has been officially declared as a nudist beach in the year 2000. Despite its dramatic beauty, it has remained a local secret and virtually tourist-free. Of Maratea's many secluded coves and beaches, its most striking is Spiagga Macarro. In addition, there are lots of opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and nature walks around this beach amidst the blue green waters. From the crowded yet fashionable beaches where people flock to spot celebrities to tiny coves surrounded by steep cliffs that can only be reached by boat, Italy’s beaches are arguably some of the most beautiful in the world. Marina di Vasto, Abruzzo Save the big Italian cities for the off-season—during summer, head for under-the-radar islands and towns that offer all the ancient history with none of the modern mobs. For water sports, you can rent windsurfers and boats here; the protected waters are fairly shallow. Spiaggia del Gigante (the Giant’s Beach) is one of the most recognizable beaches in Italy and it’s also one of the landmarks of the famous Cinque Terre region – a string of rugged coastline brimming with romantic towns, villages, and breathtakingly dramatic scenery. thanks. Spiaggia del Due Sorelle is only accessible by boat from Porto Numana and, as a result, remains refreshingly undeveloped. Italy, Italian, Italian Culture, Italian Food, Tourism News, The most beautiful squares in the South of Italy, The most beautiful squares in the centre of Italy, “Smart working:” Italy can’t get her head around it, Anglo-Italian Covid-19 vaccine trials halted, Italy approves exemption to allow international couples to travel and meet, Italians in America: from Discrimination to Adoration (or almost). Besides, these beach side shops also offer a lovely collection of special jewelry made using beads along with interesting showpieces made using conch and other sea materials. Hence, the Capocotta beach has now become a popular tourist spot for those who wish to enjoy some swimming activities in the water without any clothes. However, such beaches are more suited for mature crowds of adults who want to spend some calm and peaceful moments among themselves. Nice walk over a less crowded beach in... - Fornillo. Crowded beaches for those who like to feel alive. Thousands enjoy their summer vacations on crowded beaches in Argentina despite worries of a new wave of COVID-19 in the country. It’s the main getaway for beachgoers during the summer months and gets very crowded because of that. Instead of glitzy resorts, it's backed by prickly Mediterranean shrub and limestone cliffs; its sand isn't silky nor powdery, but peppered with smooth white pebbles. From shop VintageBeach. There are lot of facilities offered to the tourists on this beach including umbrellas, decks required for sunbathing on the sea. 01 of 05. This beach of Capocotta is located along the southern coast of Rome and lies between Ostia and Tor Vaianica. 2,458 posts. But if you go the opposite direction - towards its eastern Ionian coast - you'll find a smattering of sleepy "secret" beaches with the same iridescent waters. Sperlonga Beach . After a twenty-minute walk through the tunnel, you are directed towards the Guvano beach. During the 1970’s, this beach was given the name “The Hole”, as the first time bathers had to pass through the hole to reach this beach. Besides, many people also prefer taking a shower after taking a dip in the sea for which shower and toilet facilities are also provided on this beach. Save. One of Sardinia’s most deluxe beaches, and undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Italy, La Pelosa has fine sand, turquoise water and views out to the Isles of Piana and Asinara. While the main beaches can be very crowded in summer, you'll find more space at Sant'Andrea without losing any of the amenities, including parasols, lounge chairs, and places to eat. Montelparo, Italy. Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Beaches, Beach & Pool Clubs More. Many couples find these beaches to be more appealing and enjoy the romantic atmosphere offered by such secluded places. Whether you're searching for an upscale resort or a secluded seaside village, there's a lounge chair on the sea just waiting for you. Guvano beach is one of the preferred choice of visitors coming to Italy for some of its scenic natural surroundings and it is highly regarded for its exquisite beauty. Remember that all of the beaches are crowded during the warmer months. Get directions. Most Famous Italian Liquors: Do you Really Know Them All. anyone have any suggestions for the best beaches? Just avoid those famous names. More than 600,000 Italians consider themselves naturists and prior to 2006, it was not considered legal to express nudity on Italian beaches. Tranquil beaches for those who prefer enjoying some private time. It is also surrounded by sandy beaches. Crowded Romanian beach in summer Crowded beach and people in the waves. Help using this website - Accessibility statement, Six of the best scenic walks around Melbourne, Six of the best scenic walks around Sydney, Waterfront lunch spots worth driving out of town for, Ten sacred places in Australia you must visit, Six of the most spectacular Pilbara attractions, Nine must-do highlights of the Adelaide Hills, Cross Uluru off your bucket list in comfort, Tower of London's 'Queen' raven feared dead after 14 years spent ruling the roost, Sunken gardens, hellmouths and sinkholes: Six crazy under-the-radar places in SA you must visit, I called Australia a cultural wasteland. Save. 24,711 Reviews . Fun fact: though Cala Pulcino is considered part of Sicily, it's actually much closer to Tunisia than it is to Italy - which explains the arid, desert-like topography you'll have plowed through to get there. Most of the nudist beaches found in Italy are unique and offer the best glimpse of the scenic surroundings of the region. You'll descend upon a quiet, white sand cove with terrific views over the Mediterranean, which you'll most likely have all to yourself. Despite being located on the tourist-congested Amalfi Coast, Spiaggia di Tordigliano remains unspoiled and commonly unfrequented due to its concealed location - it's only accessible by yacht, or by a rocky, two kilometre-long hillside trail. While it can get crowded in tourist season, nothing can spoil its stunning setting. From shop LayeredGrace . No. If you’re looking for a nice quiet getaway then do not forget to check out more of a private beach. Photo about An amazing, small crowded Italian beach in summer. The lovely coastline, presence of rocks and the blue waters mesmerize the visitors coming here to enjoy the best natural beauty. This place is also good to buy some cold beer or Italian wine sold in some of the nearby shops along the beach. Lake Iseo is a charmingly crowd-free (and affordable) alternative to Lake Como. Belongs on List? 23 Crowded: Beach of Durres. Spiaggia del Due Sorelle, or the "Beach of the Two Sisters," is part of central Italy's Riviera del Coneroa picturesque swath of coast largely overshadowed by the more popular Italian Riviera, home to Portofino, Lerici and the Cinque Terre. Vintage Beach Umbrellas print, Crowded Beach in Italy photo living room art VintageBeach. View Map Address Via della Cervonella, n. 5, 04029 Sperlonga LT, Italy. Although Costa dei barbari may have a steep path and not the easiest beach to climb, it is definitely worth visiting on account of its natural delight and it is truly a paradise for naturists. If you want a refreshing change after seeing some of the historical places and cultural delights of Venice, then you can have a relaxing time at the Lido di Venezia beach. Get inspired by this introductory list to some of the most stunning locations in the region. But of course, not all beaches are made the same! Many people prefer nudist beaches for sunbathing activities and experience the natural beauty of the nature often found among such secluded surroundings. Phone +39 392 509 5904 Web Visit website. But beyond these famous shorelines, Italy abounds with equally beautiful and tourist-free beaches, in places you'd never expect. Faster Than Skip-the-Line: Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica Tour . Though the town of Maratea in Basilicata is considered the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian," it's generally overlooked by many tourists in favour of the Amalfi Coast and other southern Italian beaches - which just gives you all the more reason to visit. It is less crowded as compared to the other beaches and has remarkably clean waters with a coastal rock, which makes it the most sought after destination among the visitors. Cala Goloritzé is one of Italy’s most famous beaches, located at the base of a ravine on Sardinia ’s picturesque northeastern coast. TripSavvy / Christopher Larson. If you are planning to have a nice and relaxing time on your vacation with your spouse, then a trip to some of the best nudist beaches in Italy is recommended. Besides, some people love swimming naked and exhibiting their bodies, which gives them some sort of happiness and boosts their self-esteem as well. The chalky, tiered marlstone cliffs of Scala Dei Turchi - the "Stair of the Turks" - are considered one of Sicily's greatest natural wonders. This beach hut is equipped with a unique beach cabin along with a verandah and a sun curtain, which is suitable for enjoying a private beach life. Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. The Capocotta beach is considered to be one of the lovely beaches of this region. But, like Cala Pulcino, it's worth the effort: the view of Chiaia di Luna from the water is almost otherworldly, and you won't find a better sunset vantage point than from its sandy, sheltered shore. Report inappropriate content . I was wrong, Going camping for the first time? Save. Spiaggia Bidderosa's rugged beauty feels worlds away from the glitzy resorts of celebrity-packed Costa Smeralda, a little further north. Summer time is the best to visit this beach as you can enjoy all kinds of activities such as swimming and enjoy the natural scenic surroundings of this beach. It is quite common to see many topless beaches in Europe along with nudist beaches but in Italy, nudist beaches became legal only after 2006. Women's Make Heaven Crowded Comfort Colors Tshirt LayeredGrace. Unidentified people enjoying the waves next to a crowded beach at Neptun, watched by lifeguards - Jupiter sea summer Crowded beach and people in the sea waves. Level Contributor . The loveliest is the quiet Spiaggia di Caminia, a small, unspoiled crescent of pearly sand hidden between two steep cliffs on the Gulf of Squillace. One of the main attractions of Lido is its lovely and beautiful beach set in the natural surroundings. The beaches along Ligurian area are - overall - pretty small, as are the villages, and so - … Bassona, Capocotta, Guvano in Liguria, Lido de Venezia, Portonovo, Bibbona, Costa Verde including Aquarilli beach are some of the renowned nudist beach destinations found in Italy. 15 years ago. For some people nudity is a means of recreation when they are tired of going to parties, discos or bars, they find nudist beaches to be more fascinating. See the beautiful beaches still undisturbed by mass tourism, experience the ancient fortress in Lucera, take in the white-washed buildings of Ostuni, and take a road trip through the countryside.